Wormwood Powder


8oz Resealable Package

This aromatic and bitter herb is native to the temperate climates of Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa. Wormwood has historically been used to make absinthe and bitters, aperitifs, and other liqueurs such as vermouth. It used to be the main ingredient in brewing beer until hops starting being used. It adds a green color and bitter taste. When placed in a garden or home, wormwood can deter pests. In European herbal medicine, wormwood is used to treat digestive problems. In ancient Greece, wormwood was also used for intestinal parasites and as a supplement for general well-being.



Store in a sealed container in a dark, dry, cool place.


Suggested Uses: 

This wormwood powder can be soaked in wine or other spirits. It can also be infused as a tea or incorporated into dream and sleep pillows. You can even try making your own homemade vermouth! Due to its strong nature, wormwood is not for long-term use. Do not to exceed 1.5 g of dried herb in a tea, two to three times a day.

*Please consult with your physician or health care professional prior to use.*