Water Balloon Pear


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The juiciest pear you will have! With every juicy bite, it's literally like having a water balloon exploding in your mouth! These pears are relatively small and round, with a smooth, waxy thin skin that has a yellow-green undertone and faint red blush dotted with lenticels or "freckles." The ivory or cream colored inside is sweet, crisp, juicy, and firm, with a core encasing a few inedible seeds. These aromatic pears are available fall through spring. Fragrant pears have vitamin C and dietary fiber. 


Ripening and Storage: 

These pears are ripe when they yield a little to the touch, especially at the stem. Store up in the fridge or counter. Will typically last for a week or so. They bruise somewhat easily so take care when handling.


Suggested Uses: 

Eat these as you would any other pear. Discard the stem and seeds.

Fragrant pears are best eaten raw to show off their flavor and juiciness. Slice up and add to fruit and green salads, desserts, sandwiches, cheese and charcuterie boards, or include in baked goods. Pears can also be poached as a delicious dessert.


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