Organic Rose Hips

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4oz Resealable Package

These dried and chopped rose hips come packed in a 4 oz. resealable bag. Rose hips are the reddish-orange fruit of the rose. They grow on wild roses under the petals as the flowers drop off. Also known as rose haw, Witches Briar, and Dogberry, rose hips are harvested and dried. Rose hips have a long history of use for medicinal purposes, as they are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants. The natural oils in rosehips are thought to help with anti-aging and may help with rheumatism.



Store in a sealed container in a dark, dry, cool place.


Suggested Uses: 

Dried rosehips can be used in baked goods, infused into herbal syrups, oils, jams, and steeped in tea blends or other beverages. Ground rosehips can also be added to beauty products such as rose toner and rose water.