Quenepas "Spanish Lime"


Quenepas, also known as Spanish Limes and Mamoncillo! This fruit is similiar in appearance to an unripe lime although it is technically not a citrus fruit. Quenepas are a "honey berry" and is more related to lychee and rambutan but are more sour like a lime. Quenepas have a tough and leathery skin and are small in size.  They are filled with a gelatinous pulp much like a lychee.  The flavor of this variety is sour with an acidic taste similar to a lime.  Quenepas are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C, antioxidants, calcium and fiber.  


Ripening and Storage:

Quenepas can be stored at room temperature in a cool dry place or kept refrigerated. 

Suggested Uses:

Quenepas are commonly eaten fresh right out of the skin.  Puncture or bite the thin skin so it can easily be peeled off (similar to eating a lychee or longan).  The seed can be discarded or roasted and eaten like a chestnut.  Quenepas are often used in desserts, jellies, drinks and more!