Pink Zebra Lemon


Fresh Variegated Pink Lemon

On the outside, these lemons are yellow in color with faint green and off-white stripes. The flesh inside is a rose-tinted pink which gets deeper as the lemon matures. Pink lemons have a very fragrant lemon scent, very few seeds, and a tangy and tart flavor. They are sweeter than common lemons and become less acidic with age. Pink Zebra lemons are high in vitamin C and are usually harvested in the summer, though in limited quantity.


Ripening and Storage:

This fruit is ready to use when you receive them. Store on the counter for about a week or in the refrigerator for a few weeks until ready to use


Suggested Uses:

Use just as you would use a regular lemon. Cut into slices or wedges, squeeze for its juice, or grate for the zest.

These are a delightful addition to any recipe or add to a drink for an extra pop of color! Pink lemons make a delicious lemonade. You can use their juice and zest when baking lemon cake, lemon bars, or lemon pie, and can be substituted for any recipe that calls for lemon. They also add a bright tartness to any recipe.