Pineapple Mango "Mango Pina"


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Mango Pina is a sweet variety of mango that when soft, has the flavor and smell of a pineapple. This product was produced by crossbreeding a few varieties of mangoes in Florida. The fruit are similar in size to traditional mangoes, but with a bumpy skin, turning a light yellowish green color at maturity with a small amount of red blush when grown close to the coast. The flesh is light-yellow, medium-firm, and smooth and not stringy. As with traditional mangoes, the mango pina has dietary fiber and vitamins A and C. The pineapple pleasure is a novelty fruit, with peak season in midsummer. 


Ripening and Storage: 

Pineapple mangoes are ready when the skin is a light, yellowish green color, sometimes with a faint amount of red depending on where they were grown.


Suggested Uses: 

Eat pineapple mangoes just as you would a traditional mango: remove the skin and the seed.

Enjoy these novelty mangoes as you would a regular mango: eaten fresh as-is, or added to fruit salads or cocktails, juiced, or anywhere a sweet, pineapple-like flavor is desired.