Organic Lemongrass

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4oz Resealable Package

A native to tropical Southeast Asia, lemongrass is very popular in Thai cooking. Dried lemongrass has a bit of a woodier scent than fresh lemongrass, but does not dry out as quickly. Lemongrass has a citrus taste, with hints of ginger.



Store in a sealed container in a dark, dry, cool place.


Suggested Uses: 

This organic dried lemongrass can be used as-is. Dried lemongrass is often removed from dishes before consumption. This herb's lemon-y scent adds a brightness to many dishes. Since dried lemongrass doesn't dry out like fresh lemongrass, it works great in soups, stews, curries, and sauces where it can rehydrate for long periods of time. This herb can also be steeped in hot water for an herbal tea.