Organic Hibiscus whole

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4oz Resealable Package

Hibiscus is known as popular plant in the garden but also in the kitchen! The beautiful flower can help relieve upset stomach, high blood pressure, bacterial infections, and fever. The yellow hibiscus is the Hawaiian state flower.



Store in a sealed container in a dark, dry, cool place.


Suggested Uses: 

Use these dried hibiscus flowers whole, or grind for different applications. This bright flower is used in a variety of hot and cold cuisines as well as beverages. The flavor is mildly tart and has fruity sweet undertones. Combine with other herbs or spices for tea blends, or add to soups or baked goods. Make agua de jamaica by steeping these flowers in hot water, straining, and adding equal parts agave syrup and lime juice. For a cocktail, just add a shot of mezcal.