Mystery Box


 Undecided? Not sure what you want? Want to try a variety of different exotic fruits? Our Mystery Box includes 7-10 lbs. of randomly chosen but in season fruits. If you are not familiar with some exotic fruits, but have always wanted to expand your palate, this Mystery Box is the perfect sampler for you. This allows you to try a variety of different fruits from the comfort of home.

The Mystery Box MAY include any of the following (and additional not included in this list):
Dragon fruit; Passion fruit, Rose Apples, Water Balloon Pears, Pink Zebra Lemon, Eggfruit, Thai Guava, Star Fruit, Cherimoya, Mangosteen, Lychee, Longan, Rambutan, Sugar cane, Sapote, Sapodilla, Feijoa, Caviar limes, Persimmons, Baby Bananas, Asian Pears, Lady Apples, Kiwano Melon

**Please note: the items in this box will vary based on season and availability.  Special requests cannot be accepted.