Lady Apples


Lady Apples are one of the world’s oldest known variety of apples. These small apples have smooth firm skin that can range in color from green to brilliant red to yellow or a combination of all three. Lady Apples have a tender white flesh and a flavor that is sweet-tart. Because of its small size and beautiful appearance, this apple is commonly used during the holidays to decorate wreaths and fruit baskets, hence why it is sometimes called the Christmas apple. The Lady Apple is not the same as the Pink Lady Apple, which is a full-sized apple and has a different texture and flavor. This apple contains lots of dietary fiber and micronutrients.


Ripening and Storage:

To keep apples crisp, store refrigerated, in a bag to retain moisture.


Suggested Uses: 

Eat these as you would any regular apple. Discard the seeds and stem.

These are best when cooked, baked, caramelized or roasted to bring out more flavor in the fruit and soften the tartness. Lady apples pair well with holiday flavors such as cinnamon, nutmeg, pears, rosemary, vanilla, and ginger, along with caramel, cheese, walnuts, and many others.