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This Full Moon Fruit Box includes a carefully, hand-picked selection of the best in-season, fresh, exotic, tropical, wildly colorful, juicy, sweet, tart, tangy and delicious variety of fruit! 

Whether you're already a fruit connoisseur or new to the exotic fruit world and looking to expand your palate, this is the box for you! A well-rounded selection of fruits that are both locally grown and from around the world!  This box ships free via expedited service and is delivered right to your door! 


The Full Moon Fruit Box MAY include any of the following (and additional not included in this list):

Pink Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange, Snow Apples, Water Balloon Pears, Lychee, Thai Guava, Star Fruit, Cherimoya, Mangosteen, Longan, Rambutan, Pink Lemon, White Sapote, Sapodilla, Feijoa, Persimmons, Thai Bananas, Burro Banana, Asian Pears, Lady Apples, Kiwano, Mango varieties, Yellow Kiwi and more!


Small: 7-10lbs
Medium: 12-15lbs
Large: 17-21lbs


*Box will vary based on season and size ordered.  No additional shipping fee on this box at any size! This box ships via expedited overnight service.  Please note, that while we do ship using an expedited service, we do require an average of 2-5 business for processing your order. 

**Please note: the items in this box will vary based on season and availability.  Special requests cannot be accepted. 


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