Dragon Sampler Box (Mix of Colors)


This sampler box contains of mix of all three varieties - white fleshed, red fleshed and yellow dragon fruit.

**Due to stock availability, if we are not able to provide all 3 colors, we will include an extra of another color.**

Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya or pitahaya, are native to Costa Rica and the surrounding region. Dragon fruit grows on long, vining cactus plants that cling to trees, fences or walls. Dragon fruit is available in 3 different varieties: yellow, white and red.  Each variety is filled with a sweet, refreshing flesh that is studded with tiny edible black seeds that add a bit of crunch and texture, similar to a kiwi. The flavor is mild and sweet, similar to a mixture of pear and kiwi.  It's a nutrient-dense fruit, with dietary fiber, iron, and magnesium.


*Please note, this is sold by the weight.  This fruit is heavy so the 3lb size is typically 1 piece of each color*