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The largest of citrus fruits, the red pommelo (also called pomelo or pummelo) is similar to a grapefruit, albeit at least twice the size, and with a round, sometimes slightly teardrop shape. Like with other citrus fruits, the pommelo has high amounts of vitamin C and dietary fiber, along with other micronutrients such as potassium. Red pomelos are juicy and sweet, with a bright ruby pink flesh. They are available fall through spring, with peak season in the winter.


Storage and Ripening:

Ripe pommelos will also give off a sweet, floral fragrance. Store whole at room temperature; however, when ripe, try to use immediately for peak flavor. Store cut up red pommelo in the refrigerator for a few days.


Suggested Uses:

The thick peel of the pommelo needs to be removed to enjoy the juicy fruit inside. Cut a little off the top or bottom to allow the fruit to lie flat easily, and slice a few cuts into the peel to help make it easier to peel with your hands. Remove the white pith. Separate segments of the flesh from its membrane.

Enjoy fresh as a snack or dessert, or use how you would a grapefruit (although the red pommelo is usually sweeter). Add to fruit salads and cocktails, or use in savory Asian dishes.