California Barhi Dates


Fresh California Yellow Barhi or Barhee dates have arrived! These dates are considered to be the creamiest and sweetest dates.  They can be eaten during any stage in the ripening process and the level of sweetness and flavor depends on when you consume it.  The sweetness can range from fresh sugar cane to coconut to butterscotch.  These yellow Barhi dates start with a beautiful golden yellow-tan skin and crunchy texture with a mild sweetness.  If left at room temperature, these dates will ripen, turn a brownish color and become soft, chewy and sweeter. However, these are more commonly eaten fresh, not when they are wrinkled. 

Yellow Barhi dates are an excellent source of fiber, iron, potassium, B-vitamins, flavonoids and antioxidants.


Ripening and Storage:

These are ready to eat upon arrival and should be kept refrigerated.  


Suggested Uses: 

Fresh Yellow Barhi dates can be eaten as is and make a great crunchy, sweet snack.  These also may be pitted, diced, and added into salads for an extra sweet crunch.  These can also be baked into desserts such as crumbles and cobblers.