Banana Variety Box


The Banana Variety Box is for all the banana lovers, packed with 7-9 lbs. of different varieties, and all options for everyone!

In this box you can typically find:
Royal Thai bananas
Baby bananas
Red Dacca bananas
Manzano bananas

 *You will receive a variety of at least 2 types of bananas. *

Most of these banana varieties are a great source of potassium, dietary fiber and other micronutrients, and are available year-round.

**Please note, the variety in this box may change based on season and availability**


Ripening and Storage: 

All bananas are best stored on the counter at room temperature.  The plantain will turn from green to yellow when ripe. The other banana varieties will turn yellow, and develop dark spots (indicative of its sugar content). The red banana will, as its namesake suggests, be a dark red color.


Suggested Uses:

All of the bananas listed with the exception of the plantain are most often enjoyed raw. The plantain is popular in Caribbean and Latin America, cooked in a variety of ways, such as fried, mashed, or served as a substitute for rice and beans due to its high starch content. The Royal Thai banana is often cooked and served like a vegetable but can be enjoyed raw like conventional bananas. Otherwise, use these banana varieties in desserts or add to baked goods, or use whenever natural sweetness is desired. Bananas can also be dehydrated into banana chips and eaten alone or added to trail mix for a perfect source of energy on hikes.