Sour Mango


sour mangoes are very young, immature green mangoes that have been harvested before they have the chance to ripen although they are large in size. They are large and round with green smooth skin that is firm and vibrant. The flesh is yellowish to green and there is an inedible white seed in the center. These mangoes are sour and tangy, and are crisp (even crunchy) rather than soft like ripe mangoes. They contain dietary fiber and vitamins C and B. Originating in Southeast Asia, they are popular worldwide, including South America.


Ripening and Storage:

These are ready to eat as-is or use for cooking when they arrive and will not ripen much more. Baby mangoes will keep up to a week when stored in the refrigerator.


Suggested Uses:

The skin on a baby mango is tough and has bitter taste, but is fully edible and can be eaten along with the flesh.

Because of their tart flavor, baby mangoes can be used in place of limes in cooking Asian dishes. They are customarily used to make Maavadu pickles, which are a South Indian tart, spicy fermented pickle served with rice and yogurt.