9-10lbs Green Cactus Pears


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These Green Cactus pears are small to medium in size with an oblong shape. This variety has light green skin with rough bumps and spines.  The flesh inside is moist and yellow with small edible dark seeds.  However, many find that the seeds are tough to chew so they can be swallowed whole or discarded. This fruit is aromatic and juicy.  The sweet flavor has hints of watermelon and pear. 


Ripening and Storage:

Handle with care as this fruit has sharp hair-like spines that can poke and cause irritation to the skin. Green cactus pears are ripe upon arrival and will continue to soften for another day or two.  If not eating immediately, keep refrigerated for up to a few days. 


Suggested Uses:

Green cactus pears should be held with tongs or rubber gloves to prevent irritation to the skin from the prickly fibers. This fruit can be eaten as-is or used in many recipes such as fresh salads, toppings for yogurt or cereal, smoothies, sorbets or sauces!