Starfruit - JUMBO

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Also known as Carambola, it is famous for its 5-pointed shape that looks like a star when sliced. This deliciously fun fruit is juicy, sweet, mildly tart and tastes like a blend of citrus, apple, pear. The skin is thin and inside is a yellow flesh that is juicy and crisp when fully ripe with a texture similar to that of grapes. Most will contain up to 12 tiny, flat, brown seeds. Starfruits contain small amounts of oxalic acid, so avoid if you have kidney problems or are taking statin drugs. Starfruit are rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, and vitamin K.


Ripening and Storage:

Immature fruits are green and as they ripen, turn a dark yellow or orange-yellow. A ripe starfruit should have only tiny hints of green, and feel firm. Unripe starfruit will be sour. They will ripen at room temperature. These are best eaten shortly after they ripen because if they become overripe, the taste is blander and the consistency is soggier. Store ripe, unwashed fruit in the refrigerator for up to a month.


Suggested Uses:

Slice these up to show off the unique shape, or eat it just like you would an apple! The entire fruit is edible including the skin and seeds. 

Starfruit can be eaten fresh or juiced. The unusual star shape of the sliced fruits are often used as garnish for dishes or drinks. The juice can be blended with other tropical fruit juices or can be used for making cocktails and sangria. The fruit can be baked in pies, pastries, tarts, cakes, and other desserts. Starfruit can also be made into marinades and sauces. Sour or slightly under-ripe Carambolas can be used for jams and candying, and in Thailand they are salted and pickled. Green fruits are also used to make relishes or chutneys.