Hidden Rose Apple


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Rose apples have a hidden surprise (hence their name) – the inside is pinkish red! The skin outside is pale yellow to light green with a red blush, with white lenticels or "freckles." In addition to its beautifully colored flesh, it has a unique taste that is both sweet and tart with berry and floral notes. These apples are crisp and juicy as a hybrid of the honeycrisp apple. These apples are delicate and the skin is easily bruised. Rose apples are high in fiber and other micronutrients, and are available late fall through early winter.


Ripening and Storage:

These are ripe and ready to eat when you receive them. To maintain their crispness, store in the refrigerator.


Suggested Uses:

Eat this as you would normally eat any apple. Discard the stem and seeds.

Rose apples are delicious when enjoyed fresh as-is, and make a beautiful display thinly sliced and served raw with both sweet and savory spreads, on a charcuterie or cheese board, or as an edible garnish. It can be baked in a tart, quiche, crisp or pie, cooked down to make pink applesauce, or sautéed and serve with pork, chicken or roasted squash as you would any other apple. The vibrant flavor and color hold up well when cooked.