Burro Banana


**Please note, this is sold by the pound, not bundle.  This banana is heavy and typically contains 1-2 pieces per pound.*

The Burro banana is similar to the conventional Cavendish banana (the most prevalent variety sold), except squatter and shorter in shape. When ripe, the fruit is creamy and sweet. This variety of banana is unique in that it can be enjoyed raw like a regular banana when ripe, or cooked like a plantain when green and with a tangy tart taste. Just like with other bananas, the burro banana is high in potassium and dietary fiber and other micronutrients, and is available year-round.


Ripening and Storage:

The burro banana turns green to deep yellow as it ripens. To let it ripen, leave on the counter in a paper bag, or if you want to delay ripening, store in the refrigerator.


Suggested Uses: 

As with other bananas, peel the skin and use the fruit inside.

Burro bananas can be eaten fresh when ripe, or cooked like a plantain when still green. Add ripe burro bananas to desserts or baked goods. Cook green, unripe burro bananas in Thai, Filipino, Latin American, and Caribbean dishes.