California Red Passion Fruit - Free Shipping

Size: 5 lb

Local California grown and non-sprayed.  Technically a berry, the purple passion fruit is small but mighty! It is slightly smaller than yellow passion fruit and has a round shape. The skin is smooth, waxy, and purple to dark red, which gets darker and becomes wrinkled and dimpled as it ripens. Inside there is a white inedible pith encasing the seed cavity, which contains the edible pulp. The pulp consists of small and edible black seeds surrounded by yellow to orange flesh that is juicy, slippery, and succulent. When eating passion fruit you'll notice a floral, tropical and sweet-tart flavor. This little fruit is gaining tons of popularity because it is nutrient rich, particularly in vitamins A and C. The purple passion fruit also has some potassium, phosphorous, iron, and folate. The seeds also contain dietary fiber. 


Ripening and Storage: 

Passion fruit is ripe when the skin is all wrinkled and dimply. Do not store in the fridge until it is ripe. Once ripe, you can put the whole fruit in a plastic bag and it will keep for up to a week or two in the fridge. Cut up passion fruit will last for up to a week in the fridge and it can be frozen for up to 6 months.


Suggested Uses: 

The pulp and the seeds are edible, but the skin and pith are not. Cut into the tough outer skin, slice the passion fruit in half (taking care not to spill the juicy pulp inside), and use a spoon to scoop out the juicy pulp, and enjoy! The seeds, though edible, can be removed if desired by straining the pulp through a fine mesh sieve.

Passion fruit is delicious eaten as-is or it can be used in other applications. Its sweetness makes a wonderful pairing with yogurt to offset the tartness. Its exotic flavoring is also popularly incorporated into baked goods, cocktails, and desserts.


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