Royal Thai banana


Please note, this is sold by the pound, not bundle

This short, plump banana is the most popular banana in Thailand and comes from the Musa black banana plants. These average 4-5" in length. The thin peel turns green to yellow to black as it matures. The texture is dense and almost juicy, and becomes less acidic as the starches break down and the fruit ripens. These bananas are native to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam and are popular in that region. Thai bananas are available in the fall and winter. They contain dietary fiber, potassium, prebiotics, and other micronutrients.


Ripening and Storage: 

These sweet bananas are best eaten when the skin is almost black, when it is fully ripe. Allow to ripen at room temperature. Refrigerate ripe bananas for up to a week. They can be stored whole or peeled in the freezer for up to six months.


Suggested Uses: 

Peel and use these just as you would any regular banana.

These can be eaten raw or add into a fruit salad, but are most commonly cooked. Unripe, green Thai bananas are prepared as a vegetable. Yellow Thai bananas are delicious fried, baked, mashed, or added to desserts and baked goods.