Pink Guava


Pink guavas are round and slightly oblong in shape. These have a smooth green skin that turns yellow with brown spots when ripe. The semi-soft flesh is a pink color that varies in deepness, with round yellowish seeds. The seeds can be eaten but many prefer to remove them. Pink guavas have a strong, sweet tropical musky fragrance and the taste has hints of passion fruit, melon, papaya and pear. They are considered to be the sweetest of all the guava varieties. Pink guavas contain vitamin C and potassium.

 **Please note, this is sold by the pound.  Depending on the harvest, this item is heavy and typically each pieces is between 1-1.5 pounds each.*


Ripening and Storage: 

A guava is ripe when you squeeze it gently and it gives a little. Ripe guavas have a soft yellowish-green skin that may have a tinge of pink, and are very fragrant. They can be stored at room temperature to ripen, stored in a brown paper bag with a banana to speed up the process. Once ripe, store whole in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Once cut open, uneaten guava can be wrapped in plastic and kept in the fridge for up to four days. Guavas can also stay in the freezer for up to eight months in a resealable container.


Suggested Uses: 

The entire fruit is edible: rind, flesh, and seeds. The rind of a guava has more vitamin C than an entire orange. Wash the guava, then cut it in half using a serrated knife. You can either eat the entire guava or you can scoop out the flesh. It can also be cut into slices. This fruit is usually eaten unripe and raw. It is best not to eat a guava on an empty stomach because it digests better when there is already some food in your stomach.

Pink guavas can be simply eaten raw or cooked and used in both sweet and savory dishes. They have a higher moisture content than the white varieties and can therefore be cooked down into a puree easily and combined with soy sauce to make a delicious sauce for meat. Sweetened pink guava puree can also be used to make ice cream, jams, juices, and cocktails. The pink guava has a high amount of pectin, a natural thickener, great for pies and preserves.